We’re In It, So She’s On It

In December 2016, just after he turned three years old, my son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). The response from family, friends, and acquaintances was tremendous. We were showered with love, support, gifts, and a meal-train for five months. The astonishing level of outreach was a wonderful comfort, and even a distraction, at a time where our lives were completely turned upside down.

The treatment of ALL is quite long, however, more than three years for boys, and while the initial shock of his diagnosis has naturally subsided for most people in our lives, more than two years later, we are still very much “in it” on a daily basis.

And so a good friend of mine continues to be on it. She has never forgotten to ask me how a treatment day has gone for my son and is interested in listening to the details of our hospital days. She consistently checks in to find out when he is getting chemo or a spinal tap, and her enduring support has been a tremendous source of comfort. Having her be so genuinely invested in my son’s health, while continuing to ask me how I’m handling the challenges that come our way, is truly touching, and I’ll never forget the initiative she’s shown during our journey.

It might not be what everyone wants or needs, but I so appreciate my friend who doesn’t shy away from the tough questions and who does it out of authentic, lasting concern.

By Caitlin Murray