Supportal accepts personal essays of approximately 200-300 words that detail the best and most thoughtful ways people have responded to your life-changing challenge. We also welcome submissions that focus on the responses you didn’t receive—the things no one did that would have been helpful or heartening.

Candid? Can do. Unexpected? Yes, please. But do note that essays should be specific and actionable. Those we select tend to be focused on a single experience rather than an overview of your life-changing challenge or a recitation of the support you did or didn’t receive.

And remember that while we may be pairing your contribution with a recommendation for a product, service, or experience related to your essay, we know that being there doesn’t have to cost a thing, so the gestures you share need not be grand. In fact, sometimes it’s the smallest actions that mean the most, so please share those too.

Please note that submissions may be edited for length or clarity. And, unfortunately, because the number of submissions is so large and our team is so small, we sometimes have to pass on material of value and interest and cannot reply to all submissions.

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